We predict that in 2019, Customer Experience (CX) management, i.e., personalization, will become the leading – dare we say “only” – way to differentiate your brand and drive loyalty.

CX is rooted in the notion that you must understand your customer and then deliver an experience based on that understanding. Collecting feedback isn’t a new idea. In fact, today you really can’t make a purchase or even read an article without being asked how you felt about it. However, that’s just the beginning. What will impact a brand’s reputation is how that feedback is used.

And that is often the most difficult part. Sifting through an abundance of data can be paralyzing. What to do? Where to begin? Developing an actionable strategy is as challenging as it is critical.

That’s why, over the past year, we’ve added a suite of new features to Sibyl®, our CX platform. Each one was designed to make the collection, analysis and sharing of data effortless and comprehensive. Here’s an overview:

  • Branded PowerPoint Exports: Our new “PowerPoint Export” feature allows users to download their data directly into digestible and visual presentations that make sharing, and ultimately acting, easier than ever.
  • Heat Maps: Using color to visualize data, heat maps reflect how consumers interact with a web page, an advertising campaign or even product packaging. Each element in the image being studied (e.g. headline, logo, copy) can be measured for appeal and engagement. Data is displayed using degrees of color which provides a clear look at what resonates most with consumers.
  • Quadrant Reports: Laid out in chart format, Quadrant Reports help prioritize your data by highlighting the most efficient and effective allocation of your organization’s resources. From there, a clear path emerges.

Sibyl®  is your partner in CX management. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, every business, brand and organization must consistently evaluate and improve its customer experience. Sibyl ™ makes that process painless. It’s easy to use, flexible and highly customizable. And because we monitor our own CX, new and improved features are added constantly. Find all the details here.