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Sibyl is a simple, yet sophisticated software solution with the flexibility to monitor all your customer touch points, engage with your audience, field and collect custom and templated surveys, analyze and report on customer data, and integrate with the other tools in your tech stack to put your customer feedback to work across your organization.

Listen to your customers

Get rich, actionable feedback from your customers with satisfaction survey metrics like NPS and CSAT or custom designed surveys via email, website popup, and social media embed. Be alerted to unsatisfied customers before they compromise your reputation, or your revenue. Engage your customers with automated transactional surveys and custom satisfaction surveys on any platform, for any purpose, at any time.

Analyze their feedback

Track your surveys over time. Filter and segment your data by any custom variables you choose. Use our ‘Text Analysis’ tool to sort through verbatim commentary and identify recurring trends. Automatically populate charts and use tools like our ‘Quadrant Analysis’ to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that exist to improve your products or services.

Act on intelligence

‘Close the Loop’ with your customers through the in-app inbox. Custom integrate with other software solutions to automate surveys and alerts or seamlessly share data throughout your organization so that the right information gets to the individuals and departments who can use it to effect change.

We Answer Phones

  • Your own dedicated account manager.
  • No offshore phone banks or service tickets.
  • Access to a researcher for assistance.

Real Tech

  • In-house integration team.
  • Constantly updating and improving platform.
  • Custom integrations and functions.


Sibyl Pulse

Sibyl Pulse is an intuitive NPS (Net Promoter Score) based Customer/Client/Member Satisfaction Monitoring Platform. It embeds the NPS question directly into your custom email and comes from your own custom domain.

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Pulse CX

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Standard Features

  • Limited Questions

  • Basic Question Types

  • 5 Users

  • Premium Support

  • API

Pulse Pro

  • Unlimited Surveys

  • Standard Features

  • Unlimited Questions

  • Advanced Question Types

  • 10 Users

  • Dedicated Sibyl Concierge

  • API

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Feature Pulse CX Pulse Pro
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Custom Solution

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User Licenses 1 5 2 10
User Permissions
Survey Design
Branded, mobile-friendly NPS surveys
Custom follow-up question(s) per survey 2 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Expansive set of questions
Data Collection
Sends per year 100,000 500,000 200,000 1,000,000
Responses per year 10,000 50,000 20,000 100,000
Web links
Web pop-up
Social Media integration
Triggered automated surveys from CRM (w/API)
Marketing Automation integration
Sales Pipeline triggers
Multilingual surveys Add-On Add-On Add-On Add-On
NPS reporting
Extensive and Customizable filters
Drill down to Customer/Member level
Text Analysis
Quadrant Analysis
Heat Maps
Rank Order - responses
Single view of Customer w/trending
Custom library (folders) for organization of reports
Custom Automated reports
Easy export to Excel, PowerPoint
Sharing via web link
Customizable Dashboards
End-use reporting access
Real time NPS
Collaboration & Follow-up
Customizable send URLs
Customer Follow-up
Internal Customer notes
Follow-up assignment
Detractor alerts, Promoter activation
Triggered Automated eMails
Built in system Inbox
CRM w/open API
Marketing Automation
Inbound Marketing platforms
Customized set-up
1-hour Live Training session
E-mail & live Chat
Dedicated Sibyl Concierge
Survey Design assistance (2 hours per month)

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Designed By Market Researchers

Sibyl is the MOST INTUITIVE and MOST FLEXIBLE Customer Experience Monitoring and Tracking tool on the market, and the reason is simple…

Signet Research

We’re not a startup software company. We’re a full-service marketing research firm that has been in the customer satisfaction business since 1968. We used our 50 years of questionnaire design experience to create a smarter survey platform. We want our customers to think of us as an extension of their marketing and research departments. We’re always here for help or advice on best practices.

Dedicated Sibyl Agent

No filling out tickets or dealing with 3rd party phone answering services. Each of our customers gets their own dedicated agent to address their needs.

Custom Integrations

We have an in-house developer team that works on custom integrating Sibyl with the rest of your tech stack.

Research Services

Because we’re a full-service Research Company, we’re at your service for any type of research project you may find yourself in need of. Signet Research also offers managed services – we can manage your Sibyl account for you if desired.

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