What is the Net Promoter Score™ and the best NPS™ Questions?

When asking what the best NPS, or net promoter score, question there are several factors to take into account. Below we will dive into what makes a valuable NPS survey.

What is NPS?

Let's start with the basics. Net Promoter Score or NPS is a standardized metric for measuring customer loyalty with a product, service, an experience, or a process. The NPS question is:

“On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend XXX to a friend or colleague?”

Responses fall into one of three categories: Promoter, Neutral, or Detractor. Promoters are 9-10. These are your very satisfied customers. Neutral or passives are the 7-8 scores. Detractors fall in the 0-6 range. Detractors are generally less than satisfied and should be followed up with immediately BEFORE they have an opportunity to compromise your reputation or future business.

How To Calculate NPS

Now that you have the scores from your users, let's walk through an example of how the NPS score of -100 to 100 would be calculated.

Using the above example, we would start by getting the total number of respondents - you will use this number twice. Divide the number of promoters by the total number of respondents and you get 0.5. Repeat this for the detractors and you get 0.2. Subtract the detractors from the promoters and multiply by 100 to get your NPS score. In this example, your NPS score would be 30.

Another simple formula for this is: (Promoters - Detractors) / Total Respondents * 100

NPS Follow Up Questions

Now you understand the basic metric and score, but there is another important part of NPS - the follow up question(s).

With the follow up question you get to ask why they gave you that score. While this isn't always a required question it often yields very useful feedback. Here are some sample follow up questions you might consider:

With Sibyl Surveys NPS platform you can ask a standard follow up question or you can customize it based on the score they give. For example if you received a score below 7 you can customize your survey to answer with, "We are sorry you had a negative experience. Please let us know how we can improve."

That's just one of the many easy to use options that you can configure with Sibyl Surveys. Try it today for free. If you have any questions about NPS or our platform use the form below to contact us.

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