NPS survey reminders are important. Very Important! When it comes to NPS scores, the higher your response rate, the more accurate your score will be. Research shows that a well timed reminder email (approximately 1 week after the original was sent) can increase your response rate by an additional 50%. A blast’s original 100 responses could turn into 150. That’s an additional 50 individuals with whom you’ll have the opportunity to engage! And often, those individuals who need a reminder to answer the NPS question aren’t going to be your biggest promoters — so you may have the most to learn from their responses.

Just a few pointers for sending reminder emails:
1) Only send 1 reminder! Nobody likes a stalker… If they don’t respond after 1 reminder, leave it alone.

2) Make sure to put “Reminder” in the email’s subject line. Also it’s a good idea to let them know that their participation is very important to you in the first line of the email.

3) Finally, make it easy on yourself — automate it! Make reminders a standard part of the process without adding work for yourself. If you’re using Sibyl as your NPS monitoring platform, our latest software update gives you the ability to automate templated reminder emails to those individuals who haven’t responded to the original email. Easy Peasy.

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