Detractors (NPS Score 0–6)
These respondents are by far the most susceptible to churn. They are also the most likely to spread a negative narrative about your brand or services and should be responded to immediately — ideally with a personal phone call — the goal being to identify the reason for the poor score and to find a way to remedy the situation. Although this is primarily a ‘triage’ measure, a secondary goal would be to convert these detractors into promoters. It is often easier to appease a disgruntled customer than you would think. In some industries (such as accounting/tax preparation/legal services) Clients are more disappointed in the result of your services than the service itself. It’s for this reason that every Detractor must be contacted if our goal is to improve customer retention, reduce churn, and improve your reputation in your industry.

Promoters (NPS Score 9–10)
Your Promoters are your champions. Leverage your ‘Promoters’. Ask more questions. Make them ‘co-creators’ in your brand’s products/service. Give them specific examples of where and how they can help promote your brand to others. Depending on your industry, referrals could be the largest source of new customers, clients, or patients. Some of our clients even incentivize their ‘Promoters’ to spread the word. Get creative. You can also use reaching out to a promoter as a cross-sale opportunity or an opportunity to ‘round out your business’ by letting them know about other services you may offer.

Passives (NPS Score 7–8)
Respondents in this category are usually lukewarm about your brand/service. This makes them quite susceptible to churn and competitor poaching. Reach out to them. Find out what is preventing them from giving you a higher score or what you can do to get them there. With minimal effort, you may be able to convert this group into promoters.

No Answers
Don’t completely forget about these folks! Some people just don’t ever answer surveys. That doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Try to engage them through other means and keep track of who they are.