Our Managing Director, Byron Zanopoulo, was quoted in a Folio: article this month. Here's an excerpt and a link to the full article on Folio:.

Instituting a paid subscription model online is frankly unwise unless you’re focused on customer experience feedback. It is that simple.

So many media companies are experiencing the same evolution: declining traditional ad revenue, clients becoming their own media brands, influencers becoming advertiser darlings and a business model that requires holding on for dear life to dreams of the past. What’s the answer? Gated premium content?

Our industry is buzzing with conference programs, consultants and articles focused on media companies’ unique position to migrate into “all-access” paid subscriptions. Many media companies are enthusiastic about the potential revenue stream, but don’t fully understand the significant shift in thinking that is required.

You’ve Decided to Implement a Paywall. Now What?