A cross tabulation is a research tool that allows you to deeply explore your data and uncover insights that might not otherwise come to light. Let’s discuss how this can be helpful when it comes to your Customer Experience (CX) efforts.

If you’re committed to CX management, you’re conducting regular surveys and collecting feedback. If you’re really dedicated, you’re closing the loop on that feedback.

That in itself is top notch, but did you know you could be taking it one step further? Currently your customers give you a score or some type of rating. So you have an idea of how loyal they are (or aren’t). But have you identified the WHY behind those ratings?

This is where a cross tab can come in handy. It’s a powerful way to delve into your customer feedback and reveal hidden insights.

The cross tab analyzes the relationship between two or more variables. It’s essentially a table in which the x-axis represents one variable (or question) and the y-axis another. Comparative data can be seen at glace. In other words, you can visually see how the variables relate to each other.

In making this type of comparison, you can identify the variables that are related to satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) and take action accordingly.

For example, a retail store might discover that the majority of their dissatisfied customers purchased a specific product or worked with a specific employee. In either case, the store could quickly and easily remedy the issue.

Cross tabs enable you to examine relationships within your data. This gives you a deeper understanding of your customers. And with actionable insights in hand, you can drive the kind of loyalty that leads to long term success.

If you want to start using cross tabs in conjunction with your CX efforts, let us know. It’s what we do. Contact us here.