What are the best survey questions?

Well, that depends on the type of data you’re trying to get from your survey takers. Let's go over a few question types and how you’d use them.

Dichotomous Survey Question

Dichotomous questions are questions that only have 2 answer options. These are questions with answers such as true/false and yes/no.

An example would be:

Did you enjoy your stay at our hotel?

This provides you with an opportunity to get simple, definitive answers. With Sibyl Surveys you can create these using single choice questions.

Heat Map Question

With heat map questions you can see the area of an image that most interests a user based on where they click.

An example would be:

Heat maps are often used to assess what users think of a logo, where their eyes focus when looking at an advertisement, and many other uses. With the aggregated data from respondents, Sibyl identifies ‘hot spots’ on an image. Below is a sample from a Sibyl Survey report with the users data shown in a heat map. Try it today for free.

Rating scale question

A rating scale question comes in many forms. One example is the NPS question which is a 0-10 scale. You can also create a scale with quadrant questions, matrix style questions, or multiple choice questions depending on how you structure it.

An example of a quadrant question would be:

Please indicate how satisfied you are with each of the following topic areas:


Please indicate how important the following topic areas are to you and your work:


Sibyl Surveys features a proprietary and powerful quadrant report function, shown below. Try out using quadrants questions on Sibyl Surveys today for free.

Likert scale question

A likert question includes a fixed scale that all questions within are based on, and a set of usually eight or more items to rate using that scale.

A likert example would be:

Please rate the following statements on a scale from 1 - 5, with 1 being strongly disagree and 5 being strongly agree.

(1) Strongly Disagree (2) Disagree (3) Neither agree nor disagree (4) Agree (5) Strongly Agree
I enjoyed the service.
The service was fast.
The service was priced correct.
The available times to schedule were convenient.
The location was convenient.
I was happy with the staff.
There was a wide variety of choices.
All of my needs were met.

Likert questions can provide you with detailed insight in a fast and easy to complete survey. An easy way to create one in Sibyl Surveys is using a ‘single choice matrix’ question.

Multiple Choice Question

Multiple choice questions typically ask a question and provide you with a list of potential choices from which to choose.

An example would be:

Please select which areas we can improve on?

From these answers you will instantly know the areas they aren't satisfied as well as have the option for them to tell you another area you may not have thought of. Unfortunately with a question setup like above you won't know why they don't like them without following up. Luckily with the Sibyl Surveys platform we have a built in system to directly send email from your chosen domain to ask them why.

Have any questions about survey making or maybe you want to chat about your survey needs? Give us a call - 1-833-29SIBYL (1-833-297-4295) - we love to talk about surveys.

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